Jaume Malaret, is a painter full of light and color, with a vigorous stroke, subtle, refined and deliquescent brushwork, born in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, on the Catalan Costa Brava, in the Ampurdán region, in northeastern Spain. Already in his childhood, he showed instinctive aptitude in drawing his own, and liked to visit the local painter and art collector Emili Vilà. At the age of 12, he decidedly wanted to be a painter.

At the age of 15 he moved with his family to Barcelona, he entered the Barcelona Theater Institute to continue studies in set design with the great set designer Josep Mestres Cabanes, collaborating with him,
at El Gran Teatro del Liceu, marked an entire era.

He completes these studies at the School of Fine Arts. He carried out various jobs in cartoon production companies, until in 1976 he decided to return to Sant Feliu on the Costa Brava, where he was born, to dedicate himself fully to painting.

Thus, in 1979, he made contact in Paris with the prestigious Tamenaga gallery, which was seriously interested in his painting. Having established the relationship between painter and gallery owner, he exhibited with great success in Tokyo and Osaka, and with this he began an international recognition of great depth and resonance. Interest that also affects the immediate attention of Catalan and Spanish galleries. Between 1981 and 1990 he exhibited at the Kreisler, Dalmau and Tom Maddock galleries, all of them located in the exclusive art market in Barcelona.

At the same time, he exhibits in leading Spanish galleries, in Pamplona, ​​Seville, and Valencia, without neglecting his presence in German and Swiss cities, where consideration and appreciation for his work takes hold and grows steadily, in the same way as his painting. evolves and enters into a creative process of great character and conceptual solidity. His exhibitions have continued to this day in the most diverse national and international galleries and cities.

His participation in international fairs and exhibitions begins with the participation in 1985 in the ARCO Fair in Madrid, continues in 1991 in the Tokyo Art Show, 1992 Expo Art de Genève, Switzerland, Art Expo 1996 in Barcelona, in 2000, 2003 and 2004 he exhibited at the Hanson Gallery in Sausalito, California and the S. Rennen Gallery in Arizona, in the United States.

He has also participated in the 2000 Art Expo in New York. Malaret has works in such important and prestigious collections as the International Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, the “la Caixa” Foundation in Barcelona, the Vila-Casas Foundation in Barcelona, the Banco de Sabadell Foundation, the Juan Carlos I Hotel Collection in Barcelona, and numerous public and private collections.

Jaume Malaret’s painting whispers to us the ultimate and intangible truth of art, without the need for pseudo-philosophical make-up. His painting is born from an authentic inner need, without any form of gimmicky disguise, and transmits aesthetic emotions of sensitive refinement and at the same time manfully wrought. It is the happy meeting of the genius of the born artist and the craft of the tenacious man, the mystery of beauty, apparently so easy and fragile, but in reality, embedded in a devilish background, difficult to explain in words. His painting is born to be contemplated.It is the destiny of the artist who, now fully mature, has found himself, through his pictorial work, with the depths of his being.

And he is ultimately, for any art lover devoid of prejudice and snobbery, a real delight for the senses.

Quim Pijoán

St. Jordi Novel Prize 2006

Documenta Prize for Narrative 1982



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