Academic training

1960 Graduated in scenography at the “Institut del Teatre” in Barcelona.
Studies at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

Individual expositions
2012 Space Uhoda. liege. Belgium.
2011 El Indalo Gallery. limous. France.
2007 Art to the Set Gallery. Andorra.
2002 Retrospective exhibition of 98 works at the «Castell de Benedormiens».
Organized by the City Council of »Castell-Platja d’Aro». Castell d’Aro.Girona.
-Designers Work Team, Geneva. Swiss
-Etraz Gallery. Lausanne. Swiss.
-Art Petritxol Gallery. Barcelona.
-Private exhibition in Winterthur. Barcelona.
nineteen ninety six
-Etraz Gallery. Lausanne. Swiss.
-Art Petritxol Gallery. Barcelona
-Great retrospective exhibition of 111 works,
in the “Cultural Center of the old church of La Mercè” in Girona.
Organized by the “La Caixa” Foundation and the Girona City Council.
nineteen ninety five
-Art Petritxol Gallery. Barcelona.
-Tan Gallery. Zurich. Swiss.
-St. LLuch Gallery. olot. Gerona.
1994 Art Petritxol Gallery. Barcelona.
-Maria Salvat Gallery. Barcelona.
-Etraz Gallery. Lausanne. Swiss.
1992 Sammer Gallery. Madrid.
1991 Garbi Gallery. Valencia.
1990 Maria Salvat Gallery. Barcelona.
1988 Maria Salvat Gallery. Barcelona.
1987 Belle Fontaine Gallery. Lausanne. Swiss.
-Belle Fontaine Gallery. Lausanne. Swiss.
-Black Gallery. Lausanne. Swiss.
-St. LLuch Gallery. olot. Gerona.
-Art Gallery 3. Figueres. Gerona.
-Clariana Gallery. Vic Barcelona.
– Iberia Gallery. Offenbach. Germany.
– Iberia Gallery. Offenbach. Germany.
-Tom Maddock Gallery. Barcelona.
-Dalmau Room. Barcelona.
-Magdalena Table Gallery. Seville.
-Parke Gallery, 15. Pamplona.
-Actis Gallery. St. Feliu de Guixols. Gerona.
-St. LLuch Gallery. olot. Gerona.
-Actis Gallery. St. Feliu de Guixols. Gerona.
-Kreisler Gallery. Barcelona.
-National Publishing Gallery. Barcelona.
-Actis Gallery. St. Feliu de Guixols. Gerona.
-National Publishing Gallery. Barcelona.
-Actis Gallery. St. Feliu de Guixols. Girona.
1976 Actis Gallery. St. Feliu de Guixols. Gerona.

Group exhibitions

-«New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show» in New York. USES. With Villa del Arte galleries.
-“Art Hamptons” in Bridgehampton, NY. USES. With Villa del Arte galleries.
-”Chicago Art, Antique & Jewelry Show” in Chicago. USES. With Villa del Arte galleries.
-“Scope new York 2014” in New York. USES. With Villa del Arte galleries.
-«Naples Art, Antique & Jewelry Show» in Florida. USA.With Villa del Arte galleries.
-“Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show” in Florida. USA.With Villa del Arte galleries.
2005 “DEARTE” in Madrid.
2004 Hanson Gallery. Sausalito. California. USES.
2003 Brennen Gallery. Scottsdale. Arizona. USES.
2002 «ARTEXPO» in Barcelona, ​​with Gemma Gimeno Art.
2001 International «ARTEXPO» New York. USA.
-Brennen Gallery.Scottsdale.Arizona.USA
-Hanson Gallery.Sausalito.California.USA.
nineteen ninety six
-«ARTEXPO» in Barcelona with the Art Petritxol Gallery.
-Guest of honor at the 2nd “Salon international d’art d’Argelès Sur Mer”.
1992 «Europ’ Art» in Gèneve, Switzerland. With the Maria Salvat gallery in Barcelona.
1991 «Tokyo international art show» with Royal River Collection Co. Ltd. Japan.
1985 «ARCO» , in Madrid with the Art3 gallery in Figueres.
1980 – 1984 «Exposition international du figuratif», in Tokyo and Osaka with the Tamenaga gallery in Paris.

Works in institutions and companies

-International Olympic Committee, Lausanne.
-International Olympic Museum, Lausanne.
-Banc de Sabadell Foundation.
-“La Caixa” Foundation.
-“Vila-Casas” Foundation.
-Museum of drawing. Castle of Larres, Huesca.
-Mutual Association of Commerce and Industry.
-Nissan Iberian Motor.
-Filo S.A.
-Hotel Juan Carlos I in Barcelona, ​​20 oil paintings on the theme «Gardens of Torre Melina».

Other embodiments

-100 lithographs on the theme «Diagonal Mar».
-500 lithographs on the theme «Inauguration Games of the XXV Olympiad Barcelona 92» for the International Olympic Committee. Lausanne, Switzerland.
-4000 reproductions of oil paintings on the theme «Gardens Torre Melina» for the interior decoration of the Hotel Juan Carlos I in Barcelona.


-Jaume Socias. MALARET. Centennial Edition; Barcelona, ​​1992.
Malaret, James. Moments of light, moments of beauty. Ed. La Caixa; Barcelona, ​​1996. Mercedes Basso.
Malaret, James. When the light of an instant falls on the forms. Castell d’Aro, 2002. Girona. GARMA, L.
-National Catalog of Contemporary Art. Ed.Ibérico 2 thousand. Barcelona 1990-1991.
–E.BÉNÉZIT DICTIONNAIRE -volume 9- Malaret Villanueva Jaume.


-THE VANGUARD. Gutierrez, Fernando 12-19-81; 11-13-82
Borràs, Maria Lluïsa 06-09-96
Solà, Francesc 07-09-02; 17-09-02.
–THE CATALAN POST. Gali, Francesc 12-21-81; 11-27-82.
–THE UNIVERSAL NEWS. 12-19-81; 02-12-82.
-DIARI OF GIRONA. Planas, Ricard 06-25-83; 08-09-95; 09-13-96; 07-09-02.
Garriga, Mima 08-29-96.
–THE POINT. 07-07-83. Castillon, Xavier 10-09-09.
CT 08-29-96; 07-09-02.
-THE NEWSPAPER. Cadena, J.Mª 11-19-89; 01-06-93; 03-05-94; 02-05-95; 09-96; 09-13-02.
-THE COUNTRY. 07-09-02.
–ABC. 02-21-92; 12-09-02.
–AVUI. 04-10-02.
-EXPANSION. Martinez, David 09-16-02.
–OFFENBACH POST. 30-10-84.
– LAUSANNE JOURNAL. Cruchet, P 02-02-86.


–GAL-ART. Gali, F. No. 48-1988.
–ANTIQUE. XN No. 03-1992.
–SEVEN MEDICAL DAYS. No. 27-1989; No. 179-1993; No. 214-1994; No. 255-1995; No. 301-1996.
-GOYA. No. 203-1988; No. 214-1990; No. 234-1993.
–HISPANIC. No. 52-2005.

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